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Tow bars are an important piece of equipment that your car must have. So, if you are thinking of purchasing a tow bar for your car or for your bike, there are many companies which can provide you with variety of tow bars. Norfolk tow bars are also one of them which can provide you with some of the latest designs of tow bars for your car. Some of the basic types of tow bars are mentioned below. Contact us to more about us.

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Swan neck tow bars: This type of tow bar is getting more popular these days because of its elegant design and nice look. In this type of tow bar, the neck and the tow ball comes in a single piece. These tow bars provide you with a neat look as everything comes in a single piece. The design of the tow bar is also kept narrow so that it may not cause any kind or problem with your car parking sensors. It is available in detachable as well as in fixed style.

Flange tow bars: Flange tow bars are most widely used tow bars that you can see in most of the cars. With these tow bars; the tow ball is mounted on the tow bar with the help of two bolts that fix the tow balls with the bars. Some of these tow bars come with four bolts. These tow bars are made available in both detachable as well as fixed style. You can also use some tow accessories in between the tow ball and tow bar. You can fix cycle carriers, bumper protections, and all types of stabilizers.

Detachable tow bars: Detachable tow bars are completely invisible as they cannot be seen when not in use. The tow ball is removed from the tow bar making it almost invisible and hard to spot.