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As there is a range of tow bars available worldwide, the need to know more about its types become essential when you have opted for buying tow bar for your to be fitted in your vehicle. To do towbar fitting you need to consult expert mechanics specialising in such works.


Note on types of popular Tow Bars:

  • 2 Bolt flange ball: It is the most commonly fitted immovable tow bars available in the market since last six decades. It has the capability for massive cycle carrier options, numbers of coupling choices and boosts of having towing electric easily accessible.
  • Detachable tow bar: It resembles little of fixed tow bars, however you can remove its neck and ball after the towing work get accomplished. Vehicle owners prefer to have this tow bar highly because it doesn’t create any issue while parking the vehicle as well looks trendy. Unlike fixed tow bars, it has few carrier options and is little expansive. Even than it is popular as after the load has been, it can be removed leaving the vehicle in its original stylish design.
  • Swab neck tow bar: It has been readily available in market since three decades. Basically more car makers prefer to add it as a special feature to lure customers. As it is fixed under the bumper, it can be welded or bolted.

Usage of towbar fitting is done only when you need to load huge luggage to be transported or when you need to tow another vehicle. Thus, select the tow bar which is perfect for your usage. Contact us to get full enquiry.